Dean Fpcap, candidate of sociological Sciences, associate Professor, Dmitriev Evgeny.

tel. 228-69-62. E-mail:



- preparation of statistical reports on the work of the faculty;

- planning and achievement of the faculty's goals in the field of quality;

- information and advertising support of PC and PP;

- control of acquisition of groups of listeners and registration of contracts;

- organization of the distribution of the audit Fund;

- coordination of work of departments on planning and implementation of the annual plan of PC and PP;

- control of formation of educational programs, standard, educational and thematic plans by departments;

- control over the implementation of academic plans by departments of PC and PP;

- execution of orders, documents on education, tickets and test books of students of PP;

- control of compliance with the schedule of training sessions and attendance of students;

- control of documentation at the faculty in accordance with the requirements of office work;

- participation in the organization of all types of educational activities;

- calculation of the effectiveness of educational processes PC and PP according to the requirements of the QMS;

- monitoring of satisfaction of consumers of educational services, all stakeholders;

- coordination and control of the activities of departments to meet the requirements of the QMS;

- formation of information for the database of the Institute;

- normative and methodological support of extra-budgetary educational activities of departments and centers;

– conducting monthly seminar of the methodologists of departments;

- preparation of references, information, draft reports for the Ministry of education, BSU, ries;

- conclusion of contracts with basic organizations – educational institutions.



methodologist of the first category - Kovaleva Tatiana,

methodologist of higher category - Seregova Tatyana.


Contact details:

Belarus, Minsk, 220007,

Moskovskaya St., 15, room 210.

Republican Institute of higher education,

Tel./Fax: (017) 200 65 00.