The Dean of faculty and Director of the centre Gorbacheva Elena Vladimirovna


Tel./Fax +375 17 361-10-25, KAB. Two hundred two


The Department of educational services was established on 1 March 2003 with the aim of developing educational, consulting and research services national Institute of higher education, implemented on an extrabudgetary basis, and pursuant to the decision of the Academic Council of national Institute of higher education of the BSU dated December 17, 2002 "About the prospects of national Institute of higher education of the BSU".


The main objectives of the faculty and its constituent units are:

  • development, implementation and audit of occupational health and safety management systems (FMS)
  • development, implementation and audit of quality management systems (QMS)
  • labour protection
  • fire safety
  • industrial safety
  • expertise in the field of industrial safety
  • safety of transportation of dangerous goods by road
  • nuclear and radiation safety
  • nuclear and radiation safety related to the implementation of works on Belarusian NPP


At our faculty You can undergo retraining, advanced training, training courses for workers (employees) in professions and types of work performed.

Groups are formed as they are completed (according to the directions of legal entities and applications of individuals).

Training can be carried out both on the basis of ries, and directly on the basis of the organization-customer.

Contact details:

Belarus, Minsk, 220001, Moskovskaya str., 15, r. 202

Republican Institute of higher education,

Faculty of educational services

Tel/Fax: +375 17 361-10-25