In accordance with the order of the Ministry of education of the Republic of Belarus in 1995, the Republican Institute of higher education opened a postgraduate course, which trains researchers of higher qualification. The activity of this structural unit of ries is aimed at the successful development of the content of the educational program of postgraduate students at the first stage of postgraduate education.

The scientific management of post-graduate students and applicants involves both the teaching staff of ries, and scientific leaders from among the teachers of BSU, leading universities of the Republic, employees of ministries and departments with academic degrees and titles.

Training of scientists of higher qualification at the I stage of postgraduate education with the assignment of scientific qualification "Researcher" (full-time, part-time forms of education and in the form of competition) is provided by four departments of the Institute in the following specialties:

07.00.02. National history;

07.00.03 General history (corresponding period);

08.00.01 Economic theory;

09.00.11 Social philosophy;

13.00.01 General pedagogy, history of pedagogy and education;

13.00.02 Theory and methodology of education and upbringing (history);

19.00.07 Pedagogical psychology;

23.00.01 Theory and philosophy of politics, history and methodology of political science;

24.00.01 Theory and history of culture.

Department of historical and cultural heritage of Belarus


07.00.02 native history

07.00.03 universal history

Theory and methodology of teaching and education (history) 13.00.02

Theory and history of culture 24.00.01


Department of management and Economics of higher school


08.00.01 economic theory


Department of philosophy and methodology of University education;


09.00.11 social philosophy

Theory and philosophy of politics, history and methodology of political science 23.00.01


Department of psychology and pedagogical skills


General pedagogy, history of pedagogy and education 13.00.01

Educational psychology 19.00.07 


The staff of the graduate school:

Head. the graduate school – the Litvinenko Regina Stanislavovna, candidate of historical Sciences

Methodist Novas Olga V. 


Contact information:

Telephone:8 017 2281702

Address: 220007, Minsk,

Moskovskaya St., 15 KAB.Two hundred thirty