The research center was established by the order of the rector of NIHE № 21-OD from 16.05.2016 and is a structural unit of National Institute for Higher Education.

Head of the center - Klishevich Natalia Sergeevna

The activities of the center are aimed at solving the following tasks:

  • Assistance in the development of scientific research in the structural units of NIHE
  • Planning and accounting of scientific research national Institute of higher education
  • Implementation of information support of research activities of the Institute
  • Providing conditions for the development of integration processes of fundamental science and education
  • Improvement of information and communication infrastructures in the field of science
  • Information support of the content of the NIHE site
  • Implementation of organizational and methodological support for the preparation and conduct of conferences, seminars and other scientific and methodological activities at the Institute

The research center cooperates with the Ministry of education of the Republic of Belarus, NICH BSU, BelISA with government agencies and various foundations, the media.


Center staff:

room. 729, tel./Fax: +375 (17) 219-07-80

Yurkovets Elvira Ivanovna - head of the library

room. 007, tel. +375 (17) 207-81-24


Kuralovich Natalia Stepanovna - methodologist of the 1st category

Svetlana Leonidovna naganova - methodist of the highest category

Khatskevich Olga Viktorovna - methodologist of the 1st category

Kubelik Marina Semenovna - leading economist

Shereshevets Nadezhda Evgenievna - senior economist


Contact coordinates:

Ntional Institute for Higher Education

220007, Minsk, Moskovskaya str., 15, cab. 209, 222

phone (017) 213-16-80, 222-83-31