Head of the center O. N. Korelo


The center was established on the basis of the editoNIHEl and publishing Department on June 2, 2003.

It includes the Department of educational and methodological support of the educational process, the Department of operational printing, the editoNIHEl Board of the scientific-methodological and journalistic journal "Vyshejshaja skola".

The operation of the centre is carried out in accordance with legislation of the Republic of Belarus and on the basis of certificate of state registration of publisher, manufacturer, distributor publications No. 1/174 dated 12.02.2014 providing for the publication of scientific, popular scientific, industNIHEl and practical, normative production practices, educational and reference books, as well as certificate of state registration of mass media of the Ministry of information of the Republic of Belarus No. 593 dated 06.08.2009, on the publication of the journal "higher school"

The activities of the center are aimed at:

  • providing the Institute with educational, scientific, reference and other literature, information and advertising mateNIHEls, official documentation in the field of law-making and staff development;
  • the demands and needs of education professionals, other agencies and organizations, citizens of the Republic of Belarus, countNIHE near and far abroad in the publication of literature and production of a periodical and other printing products;
  • provision and promotion of educational, research and consulting activities of NIHE.


Center staff

Annually more than 100 names of printed materials with a circulation more than 20,0 thousand copies are issued

The main task of the center - in the face of fierce competition from the available media (television, radio, Internet) to minimize the time of preparation for publication and optimize the flow of information to make the book attractive and convenient.

Contact coordinates:

Belarus, Minsk, 220007,

15, Moskovskaya str., k. 109.

Phone / Fax: (017) 213-14-20