Head of the department, candidate of technical sciences, associate professor Sergey Maksimov.

Tel. 228 - 15 -55, room 426.

The department provides advanced training of managers, teaching staff, support staff of higher educational institutions and institutions of postgraduate education of the republic in the field of applied informatics – the use of computer technology, modern information and communication technologies in education and research.

department of information technology in education traces its history from the department of educational technology, established in 1995 by the initiative of D.F. – M. sciences, professor V. A. Gajsenak. The work of the department has received international and republican recognition – in 2000 on the basis of the department there was a meeting called "Education through the Internet" by UNESCO experts and a workshop UNESCO IITE (Institute for Information Technologies in Education) "Use of the Internet in education". In 2002 – 2007, the department was the basic educational and methodological unit of the Republican center of Internet education. In 2010 the department became the first unit in the recent history of the institute, where the citizens of the union state – the Russian Federation – were a group of teachers of UNN of Lobachevsky.

The department carries out its educational, methodical, scientific – methodical and research work in close cooperation with the leading universities and institutions of postgraduate education of the Republic. In 2006 – 2007 the department actively contributed to the development and implementation of the Belarusian State University network the e – learning platform "e – University", in 2008, with the active participation of employees the department developed and updated on the server of the academy of postgraduate education Internet portal of remote testing of information and communication competencies of employees of General secondary education. Employees of the department are developers, participants and performers of a number of industry and state scientific and technical programs, including "education and personnel" and "Electronic Belarus".

Teachers and methodologists of the department – the authors of constantly updated and updated complex of electronic network educational and teaching resources, numerous publications of educational, methodical and scientific – methodical purpose have a unique pedagogical experience of "fast" adult learning the effective use of modern informational and communicational technologies in education and research in the following areas:

  •   e – office technologies
  •  database technologies and integrated use of electronic office documents
  •  Internet and web design technologies
  •  computer graphics technology
  •  technologies for the development of e – learning materials and the use of online learning management platforms
  •  technologies of symbolic mathematics and statistical packages application for scientific modeling and data processing
  •  computer technologies and management decision support systems

 Contact details: 

Belarus, Minsk 220001,
Moscow 15, room 619
National Institute for Higher Education
department of informational technologies in education
Tel./Fax (017)-2228373.