Department of historical and cultural heritage of Belarus conducts the history since the formation of the Republican Institute of Higher school in 1973 at the origins of Foundation of the department was well – known Belarusian scientist, doctor of historical sciences, professor Nikolai Stefanovich Stashkevich. The department carries out professional development, retraining, training of teachers of historical, social and humanitarian disciplines. The department offers its students from among the employees of higher, secondary and secondary special educational institutions a constantly updated set of courses on topical issues of teaching history and other social and humanitarian disciplines, the use of new technologies and active forms of organization of the educational process, the methodology of humanitarian education.

Educational and scientific – methodical activity of the department is provided by highly qualified specialists, teachers with academic degrees and titles, doctors and candidates of historical sciences. Studying and scientific – methodological training is conducted in close cooperation and with the participation of leading specialists of the Belarusian State University, the Institute of history of the NAS of Belarus, the Institute of linguistics of the NAS of Belarus, and other scientific and educational institutions. The research work of the department is aimed at studying the historical and cultural heritage of Belarus and its role in modern Belarusian society. The result of this work is a series of monographs, scientific articles and other publications, textbooks and manuals on different periods of national and world history, prepared by the staff of the department.

Graduate school is opened at the department and effectively operates in the following specialities:

  • 07.00.02 – Domestic history
  • 07.00.03 – General history
  • 13.00.02 – Theory and methodology of training and education (history)
  • 24.00.01 – Theory and history of culture

Dear colleagues! The department of historical and cultural heritage of Belarus invites you to courses of advanced training and is always open to cooperation with educational institutions of the republic.

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department of historical and cultural heritage of Belarus
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