The department of youth policy was established on July 7, 2004.

Head of the department Ignatovich Elena stefanovna, candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor.

The mission of the department: implementation of the main directions of the state youth policy in accordance with the functions and system of activities of institutions of additional education – Republican Institute of Higher School.

 2 The main activities of the department:

   • Practice – oriented theoretical and methodological development of problems, the solution of which is associated with the implementation of the priorities of the state youth policy in the Republic of Belarus;

   • Provision of educational services in the field of additional adult education: professional development, retraining and training of managers and specialists working with young people;

   • Educational and methodological support of the educational process; identification, description and dissemination of experience of pedagogical achievements; development of effective methods aimed at continuous improvement of the quality of educational activities among young people;

   • Organizational and methodological work in the field of additional adult education; coordination of the department with structures working with young people;

   • Scientific, organizational, methodological and informational support of work with gifted youth.

   • Activities in the field of international youth cooperation.

   • Improvement of communicative and culture of management of student activists, leaders of youth public organizations;

   • Improving the functional literacy of the teaching staff and specialists of higher education, secondary special educational institutions in the field of language communications.

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