The department carries out professional development, retraining, training, training courses for teachers, managers and specialists of UVO, UDOV, USSO on the profile:

designing and ensuring the functioning of educational systems in the UVO (educational standards, disciplines of studying programs), scientific and methodological support of information and educational environment in the UVO based on the use of UMK, EUMK, USRS, test shells, innovative educational technologies, cognitive practices in education, EHEA tools, a single educational space with the Russian Federation.


Head of department

Natalia V. DROZDOVA, candidate of psychological sciences, associate professor

tel: 8 (017) 228-13-14, room 428. E – mail: drozdova_33@mail.ru

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Author of scientific works on cognitive psychology and innovative educational technologies. 

Among the author's publications and teaching AIDS:

   • Lecture in a modern University: communicative – cognitive approach, Minsk, 2009

   • Professional competence and mobility of specialists, Minsk, 2010

   • Intelligence. Competence. Education: Who stands in front of the White Tower? Minsk, 2013

   • Educational innovations in 4D – format: studies. – method. benefit. – Minsk, 2016

   • Cognitive psychology of education. – Minsk, 2016

   • General and cognitive psychology: teaching aid. – Minsk, 2019


Deputy head of the department

Anatoly MAKAROV, professor of the department, candidate of philosophy, professor of political science and sociology

tel: 8 (017) 222 – 83 – 21, room 419. E – mail: makarov_pr@mail.ru

Author of scientific works on comparative analysis of national systems of higher education, problems of standardization of higher education, implementation of competence approach in teaching. Head of research teams for the development of Belarusian standards of the first and second stages of higher education of the new generation (2006, 2011, 2013). Member of the design of educational standards, regulatory and methodological documents of higher education generation 3+ (2015 – 2016.)

The sphere of scientific and methodological interests is the design of innovative educational systems and technologies in higher education.



Speciality 1 – 23 01 75 Psychology of family relations

qualification: Psychologist



The main educational programs implemented by the department


   1. "The cognitive practices of learning and education of generation Z (diagnostic and qualitative support in teaching generation Z)";

   2. "The main objectives and lines of action of the Bologna process: European experience and its adaptation in Belarusian institutions of higher education";

   3. "Lecture in a modern institution of higher education: models of design and implementation of educational material in the educational process";

   4. "Implementation of competence – based learning models in higher education institutions: Bologna context and Belarusian experience";

   5. "Design and implementation of innovative educational technologies in higher education institutions";

   6. "Innovative and methodological support for the implementation of higher education standards of the third generation";

   7. "Information and educational environment of controlled independent work of students";

   8. "Implementation of case technology in the system of practice – oriented training of specialists";

   9. "Intellectual technologies in education";

   10. "Models, technologies and methods of teaching at the University";

   11. "Formation of universal competencies (soft skills) in the subjects of the educational process of HEA".


Scientific and methodological support

training programs for professional development

Since 2006, the department is heading "Innovation" in the journal "Higher school"

The department has founded and provides a series of teaching AIDS for further adult education:


Read more: http://nihe.bsu.by/index.php/ru/dep – project – 5

In 2016, the department founded a new series of teaching AIDS 


To date, the following benefits have been published:

   • Lobanov, A. P., Drozdova, N. V. Cognitive psychology of education, Minsk, 2016

   • Lobanov, AP, Drozdova, NV Practical intelligence: how and what to teach a skilled person: studies. – method. textbook – Minsk: national Institute of Higher School, 2018. – 98 p.

   • Lobanov, A. P., Kruglik, A.V. Spatial intelligence: for the lyrics and the physics of algebraist and geometry: proc. – method. benefit. – Minsk: Riga, 2018. – 176 p.

   • Lobanov, A. P., Drozdova, N. V. General and cognitive psychology: teaching aid. – Minsk: Riga, 2019. – 212 p.


Contact details 

Belarus, Minsk 220007,

Moskovskaya str. 15, cab. 419

Department of educational systems design


Tel.: (017) 222-83-21, (017) 228-13-14