Head of department, candidate of psychological sciences, associate professor, Sizanov Alexander Mikalaevich.

  The department of psychology and pedagogical skills was established in 1994. During the activity at the department there was formed a highly professional teaching staff of adherents, able to provide new content and implementation of the main directions of the department, which meet the modern requirements of higher education.

   The main purpose of the department is to provide retraining and advanced training of managers and specialists of institutions of higher education and additional adult education in the field of psychological and pedagogical knowledge.

Staff of the department:

The staff of the department – 7,75 rates.

From them:  

  • doctors of science, professors – 3,
  • candidates of sciences, associate professors – 7.

The main objectives of the department:

  • Retraining and advanced training of teachers of UVO and USSO.
  • Development and scientific-methodological justification of the modern model of teaching at institutions of higher and secondary education.
  • Acquaintance of listeners with the latest achievements of psychology and pedagogy of the higher school, perfection of pedagogical skill.
  • Study, generalization and dissemination of psychological and pedagogical experience of domestic and foreign specialists.
  • At the department since January 2017 on behalf of the Ministry of education Cabinet of socio–pedagogical, methodological and psychological counseling was created.



   • Retraining in the specialty "Psychology" with qualification "Psychologist. Teacher of psychology".

   • Advanced training in the following programs:

  1. Pedagogical skills of the teacher: innovative approach.
  2. Modern psychological and pedagogical technologies of interaction in the educational process.
  3. Interactive and computer technologies in education and upbringing.
  4. Actual problems of modern psychology and pedagogy.
  5. Active methods of training and education in the educational institution.
  6. Work of a teacher with a gifted personality.
  7. Preparing young people for marriage and the basics of family counselling.
  8. Psychological aspects of training medical students.
  9. The Art of management interaction.
  10. Conflict Prevention and resolution.
  11. Psychological support of the family and support of effective parenthood.
  12. Diagnosis, training and support of substitute parents.
  13. Self-actualization of the individual how to develop and change for the better.


   • Postgraduate study:

specialty 19.00.07 – pedagogical psychology; 

specialty 13.00.01 – General pedagogy, history of pedagogy and education.

 •  Internship.

   One of the forms of professional development is the training of teachers of educational institutions in psychological and pedagogical areas in full – time and part – time forms.


Contact address:

Belarus, 220007, Minsk, Moskovskaya str., 15

State educational institution

"National Institute for Higher Education»

Department of psychology and pedagogical skills, rooms 420, 211

Tel: (+372 17) 222- 76-00; tel. head: (+375 17) 219-06-64, (+375 29) 389-89-74

Tel./fax: (+375 17) 222-76-00

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