IMG 0959The department of modern natural sciences was established in January 2003.   Head of the department, candidate of pedagogical sciences Grigorieva Olga Nikolaevna.

The department provides scientific and methodological support and carries out the educational process for retraining, advanced training and training of managers and specialists of institutions of higher and secondary special education in the field of natural science, interdisciplinary synthesis of natural sciences and Humanities, teaching activities, pedagogical measurements, quality management of education, functioning of quality management systems of educational institutions in accordance with the standards of ISO 9000 series, intellectual property.

The implementation of the main activities of the department provides highly professional teaching staff: doctor of physico – mathematical sciences, professor V. A. serves, Strazhev V. I., Tolkachev E. A., candidate of physico – mathematical sciences, associate professor Shuplyak V. I., candidate of pedagogical sciences Grigoriev O. N., candidates of pedagogical sciences, associate Dron, M. I., Petrakov V. N., candidate of psychological sciences, associate professor Warzybok G. V., A. Kananovich, V., Sechko N. F., Garnovskaya I.

The department carries out educational – methodical, scientific – methodical and research work in close cooperation with specialists of the ministries and departments of the Republic of Belarus, the National Academy of sciences of the Republic of Belarus, the department of quality control of education, the Republican Institute of knowledge control.

The main directions of educational activity of the department:

Retraining in the specialty «Pedagogical activity of specialists»

It is planned to open retraining in the new specialty of retraining of executives and specialists with higher education, "Quality management of education" (with the qualification of "Manager").

 Advanced training. Main program:

   • Natural science knowledge in the system of modern education

   • Intellectual property management in educational institutions

   • Patent information search in the performance of term papers, theses, master's theses

   • Pedagogical activity of the teacher of the higher school

   • Interactive infographics and multimedia in professional and pedagogical activity

   • Implementation of practice – oriented approach in training of competent specialists by means of information technologies

   • Improvement and audit of the quality management system in educational institutions in accordance with ISO 9000 standards

   • Digital technologies in the practice of teaching natural sciences

   • Innovative technologies to improve the quality of the educational process

   • Quality control of education: organizational and legal aspects

   • Human life safety and health – saving technologies

   • The quality management system based on ISO 9001 – 2015: improvement and audit

   • Theory and methodology of pedagogical measurements

Training of managers and specialists of institutions of higher and secondary special education of the Republic of Belarus.

Every year the department holds the Republican scientific and methodological seminar "Actual problems of modern natural science". 


The main directions of research work of the department:

   • methodological substantiation and elaboration of the issues of natural science education development taking into account the achievements of modern natural science;

   • conceptual justification and development of the content of the natural science component of educational programs for training and retraining of teachers;

   • development of scientific bases and normative and methodological support for the creation, improvement and certification of quality management systems in educational institutions;

   • development of technologies of functioning of quality management systems in educational institutions; 

   • implementation of modern requirements for training specialists in the field of quality management of education;  

   • implementation of measurement processes in education.


Dear colleagues! The department of modern natural science invites you to retraining, advanced training, internship and is always glad to cooperate with educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus and other countries.



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Department of modern natural sciences

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