The department of management and Economics of the higher school was established in 2005.

The department trains qualified managers and specialists for the higher school of the Republic of Belarus.

The mission of the department: to provide quality educational services in the field of management of higher education, organizational management and economic theory.

Strategic goal: to reach the world level of training in the field of management of higher education. 

The main objectives of the department:

   • active improvement and implementation of the automated system of educational process management at the department, development and improvement of the institutional structure of distance learning (educational projects created and implemented by the type of VTK – temporary creative teams);

   • formation with the participation of social customers of integration models of specialties that combine the processes of learning and practice and ensure the strengthening of the practical orientation of higher education;

   • involvement in the organization of the educational process of representatives of social customers, their inclusion in the active forms of training sessions: business meetings, lessons on the exchange of experience, round tables, thematic discussions, retreats, conferences;

   • improvement of distance learning technologies (e – learning tools) and creation of educational portals, development of individual models of training of students, development of interactive learning technologies using project methods of development of skills of independent analysis of information and self – education;

   • formation of personnel potential of the department at the expense of scientific and pedagogical workers of higher qualification, involvement of teachers from other institutions and organizations of the Republic of Belarus and from abroad;

 • updating of educational materials every semester, attraction for their preparation, as well as for the organization of extracurricular, independent, educational and auxiliary work of personnel of higher scientific qualification.

The main activities of the department:

   • Implementation of modern requirements for the training of specialists in the conditions of functioning of the quality management system in higher education institutions according to the priority socio – economic problems of the Republic of Belarus;

   • Study of trends in the development of higher education in the socio – economic development of the Republic of Belarus; 

   • Study of problems and prospects of development of higher education in the conditions of world economic globalization and internationalization of vocational education systems;

   • Improving the level of competence and communication skills of personnel management specialists;

   • Organization of research work and development of legal and methodological recommendations;

   • Provision of additional educational services. 

Training programs are organized not only on the budget, but also on an extra – budgetary basis, as well as at the request of higher education institutions (on the selected topic). Training sessions are conducted at a high scientific and methodological level with the use of multimedia. The department also organizes and conducts training seminars.

Curricula, educational and thematic plans of retraining and advanced training reflect the achievements of modern science, correspond to the priorities and realities of the socio – economic development of the Republic of Belarus, as well as the directions of state policy in the field of education.

Dear colleagues! department of management and Economics of the school invites you to retraining and refresher courses and is always happy to cooperate with educational institutions of the Republic and other countries.


220001 Republic of Belarus


Minsk, Moskovskaya str., 15, room. 626.

Phone/Fax: 8 (017) 2228310